ExactAsk and Shawmut

Maximizing Your Alumni Lifetime Value

Is your school having a hard time retaining alumni donors?
Do their donations continue to decline in value? You aren't alone.

Year after year, colleges and universities lose a substantial portion of the value of their existing alumni contributors, resulting in flat or declining revenues.

Download our free whitepaper to learn how you can shift away from campaign-centric fundraising and maximize your alumni lifetime value. Inside, you’ll find simple tools to help you personalize alumni communications and develop long-term relationships.

Maximizing Your Alumni Lifetime Value


ExactAsk provides higher education institutions with a software for dynamically calculating tailored ask amounts. This can be utilized across nearly any platform and requires almost no additional work on behalf of development teams. We’ve developed over 25 algorithms, each leveraged for specific data sets, allowing university development offices to identify potential major donors early in their giving history.

Learn more about our predictive analytics engine and how we can help bolster your fundraising effectiveness, across all alumni and donor segments.

Shawmut Communications Group

Shawmut Communications Group partners with colleges and universities to create personalized, multi-channel recruitment and development campaigns. We focus on helping each school leverage their data and find creative ways to reach students, parents, alumni, and donors. Our versatile variable data tools allow for complex segmentation so you can deliver a personalized message to each recipient. Founded in 1951, Shawmut offers marketing, print and direct mail, storefronts and fulfillment, and wide format printing.

Learn more about our variable data capabilities.